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Author, Speaker, Mentor,
and Self Love/Healing C
oach & Life Coach

Lakisha Jenkins, a South Carolina native who resides in Landover, MD, is the founder of Self Love Ministry which she formed following the loss of son in 2015 as a result of domestic violence. She also later loss her husband. Lakisha has battled depression, low self esteem and a low self image due to the traumas that she has faced throughout her life. However, she has been able to tap into her inner strength and find healing in God and also in supporting other women who have faced similar life-altering experiences.

Lakisha’s overall goal is to inspire, uplift and encourage women to love themselves in spite of what they have been through and to see themselves as victorious, not victims. She is transparent, truthful and compassionate towards women and the many challenges that they face and has made it her life’s work to help heal them.

History of Self Love Ministry

January 2016


SELF LOVE MINISTRY was formed in January of 2016, almost three months after the devastating lost of my 14 year old son. His life was taken in the result of domestic violence on October 19, 2015.

Within this ministry, we speak truth, and we are always honest but, never cruel. Letting others know you will make mistakes. Things will happen, but you can, and will still recover with the right mindset.

My Struggle, My Purpose & My Mission

Early 2017


By this time, I’ve managed to survive by the grace of God to find strength to encourage, motivate, and uplift other women who shared many of the same various life experiences. My overall mission is to inspire and express the importance of becoming willing to love yourself first despite any circumstance you may be facing in life.

Some past challenges were struggles related to being a single mother, dealing with low self-esteem, insecurities, fighting depression and grieving through repeated lost of male figures in my life (grandfather, father, and husband).

I've realized everyday is a new day to strive harder to keep pushing through the grief process of my son’s death. This is a fight that will always be hard. Life has thrown many shots at me. But with GOD’s help I’ve found strength to keep going, to keep pushing no matter what. Never allowing giving up to become an option. As women we carry many tasks that can become overwhelming, and overtime, we begin to lose a piece of ourselves. Often times it’s done without notice, other times it’s done by choice. I share how my life was impacted by making both mistakes. How they caused a lot of emotional fights within. Today all those circumstances have formed growth in my life. Being able to share and enjoy my passion of helping others along the way, helped me form my true purpose.



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